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Professional Tree Care Service in NC

Providing excellent, safe, dependable tree care service in and around Wake Forest, NC...

Brafford Tree Care has one goal in mind; and that is to offer our clients excellent, dependable, yet affordable tree care service no matter what the need. Whether it is to provide services such as planting, pruning, professional tree removal, or even consultations for an insect ridden or diseased tree; we aim to exceed all of our clients expectations. We hold our clients word of mouth recommendations and referrals as the ‘ultimate badge of honor’.

~ Mike Brafford

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A 'Sampling' of our Services...

Planting Trees in NC
Planting Trees Is An Art...

Nothing gives a house more curb appeal than a wonderful landscape with beautiful trees...

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Pruning Trees in NC
Pruning Trees Safely...

Brafford Tree Care will assist in creating the 'perfectly' shaped trees for your landscape needs.

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Tree Removal NC
How We Remove Trees...

Our tree experts will evaluate a tree's structural integrity and environment before removing any tree.

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NC Tree Arborist
Consult with an Arborist...

Tree preservation and consulting is one of the services we take pride in providing our clients ...

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