Tree Pruning & Removal Services in NC

Tree Planting

We will assist in choosing the right tree for your space...

Nothing gives a house more curb appeal than a wonderful landscape with beautiful trees. If it is your desire to plant the tree yourself and just need a consultation as to what type of species is best for your location and soil, or if you would like us to plant it for you, we are happy to provide this service for you as well as instructions for care in the months to follow.

For more information about tree planting in NC, or to request a FREE estimate, please contact NC tree arborist, Mike Brafford today!

Pruning Trees

Let our tree care specialist prune your trees...

Sometimes trees need a little help in creating that shape you desire. Whether the tree has dead limbs, disease, storm damage or just needs shaping; rest assure we will form the tree using techniques that ensure future growth and overall health of the tree.

For more information on pruning trees in NC, or to request a FREE estimate, please contact us today!

Professional Tree Removal Services

There is a right and wrong way to remove trees...

Often there just comes a time when trees must be removed whether it is due to disease, decline in health from environmental factors or for just aesthetic purposes. We evaluate each tree’s structural integrity and proximity to surrounding structures and landscapes before removing any tree. We take pride in performing each job in the safest manner and strive to leave the yard clean and free of debris, as if it were our own. We utilize a variety of methods for removal for both residential, commercial, and municipal jobs...

  • Bucket Truck
  • Crane
  • Climb & Rope Take Down
  • Tree Felling
  • Stump Grinding

We provide FREE estimates on all tree work, and we offer 24 hour emergency services.

For more information about our professional tree removal services in NC, or to request a FREE estimate, please contact us today!

Consultation - Treating Diseased Trees

Free Estimates for some services...

You may be blessed to have an older tree in your yard that maybe showing signs of disease or maybe you are trying to nurture a sapling into that picturesque mature shade tree. As a certified arborist of North Carolina, our company is equipped to provide you with a detailed report concerning your tree’s health by evaluating all aspects from pests, to fungus, to structural issues. And in some cases, we can provide you with a plan on how to remedy a problem or insight in how to help the tree to grow to its fullest potential. Fees associated with this service are dependent upon the number of trees within the report requested.

For more information about treating diseased trees in NC, please contact us today!

e you with a plan on how to remedy a problem or insight into how to help the tree grow to its fullest potential. Fees associated with this tree care service are dependent upon the number of trees within the report requested.


Do I need to be home when the work is done?

It is not necessary for our customers to be home at the time of work. We make sure no work is started until we have gone over the job in full with our clients and they have a full understanding of the job and have given us approval to move forward.

What can I expect my yard to look like?

This will depend on what type of service a customer has inquired about. However, as a rule we like to leave our customers yards clean and free of job debris. If stump grinding is one of the services desired, a customer can expect to find a mound of earth and ground root at the site of the removed tree. We leave this mound higher than the grade around for settling purposes. Throughout the months following the service, the shavings will start to decay and the soil will pack down leaving the ground level. If we did not do this our customers would find a large depression in their yard months after the work is complete.

Will the ground be ready to plant grass after the tree removal process?

Generally, the soil around where a tree once stood is very acidic and can be a challenge to grow grass in the first year. If it is the customers desire to create a lawn where a tree or trees are being removed we can removed the root shavings and dirt from the stump area upon request, but recommend the customer to fill the area with a quality topsoil in a mounded fashion at the site to allow for settling or hiring a landscape professional. Also remember the soil that was not disturbed by the stump grinding will still be acidic and you may see patchy grass growth the first year.

Do you cut wood into firewood?

We are happy to provide the service of cutting wood into firewood lengths of 16”, 18” or various lengths upon request. However, we do not split the wood into cords.

We provide FREE estimates on all tree work, and we offer 24-hour emergency services.